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There is currently a shift in the way we understand learning.  This shift moves away from an unforgiving structure and points to the student's wellbeing as vital to success. Wellbeing of the whole child includes the physical, emotional, social, intellectual and even spiritual. To best support success, students' environments and experiences must consider all parts of their being.


We need to stop teaching given the assumption that 25 kids are all the same because that makes education simple for us while excruciatingly boring to them.

For this to happen, they need to actively take part in their learning and be motivated by it.

We are in the Information Age. New technology that supports learning is also driving change. New tools allow students to connect with others all over the world. A mountain of information is easily accessible with just the click of a button. The teacher no longer holds all knowledge. They are now a critical coach, showing students how to select, work with, add to and apply information in meaningful ways. 

The way to excite kids into loving education is by appealing to the things about which they are passionate. We must stop teaching the curriculum and start teaching the individual – each individual, every single individual, and teach them as individuals who have unique interests and abilities.


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