1. Please ONLY Donate if You are a Corporation

with revenue over $1 Million

(Not-For-Profit -Deduction Available)

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We are a Not-For-Profit Foundation built to empower people. ​ Our goal is to raise $1.7 Billion in giving so that we can develop and implement our 5 key initiatives around the globe and develop the largest collection of mental health clinics in North America.


Our community centres project hopes to be the home to the largest collection of community centres on the planet.  We are hoping to bring people together in person to connect with others from around the world in our daily scheduled activities to connect people. 

Stories connect us. Humans are story tellers. We are creating a video database of peoples stories.  Walk into one of our stores around the world and record your stories and have them accessible forever.  Leave a story, Leave a legacy for your friends, families, kids, etc.


Consider donating to OWL POD to help improve our education systems around the globe, help make healthy food affordable, build communities, preserve our environment, and empower women and children. 

Companies, Corporations and anyone donating over $100,000 should contact us directly at  


We are proud to support your company on our social media and website if your vision aligns.

Donations over $1 Million will have a community centre named for their corporation.   


All donations are deductible to corporate donors.  

Thank you for your support and we look forward to meeting you soon. 

Without your support stories remain untold and change awaits. 

The OWL POD Team

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