Dr. Kaler BSc, MSc, MD, CCFP​

Founder of OWL POD Organization

Dr. Kaler believes that we all have power and that this power is unleashed by sharing stories. Dr. Kaler had a dream as a child to build community and has spent his entire life dedicated to this vision. He is a single father of two young girls who inspired him to create OWL POD to build a better future for them and generations to come. He uses his story of overcoming grief, weight loss, getting into medical school, and his daughters health conditions to inspire others. 

Dr. Kaler has big dreams and goals. He envisions us saving this planet by creating a new wave of humanity empowered to change: Education, Health, Community, The Environment, and Empowering Women and Children. 

Dr. Kaler speaks at events and does motivational medicine with some of the most successful people on the planet.  Apart from his involvement with OWL POD, he continues to practise medicine, focusing on mental and physical well-being. He travels across the globe giving inspirational seminars and supporting OWL POD initiatives.

For Dr. Kaler's Medical Mental Health Clinic please go to norrykaler.com or book an appointment by emailing info@owlpod.ca