• Dr. Agata Nowak MD CCFP

    • 1st Owl Pod Doctor ​

    • Joined August 2019 

    • ​I have been in Family Practice for 13 years having graduated from Family Medicine residency program at University of Calgary.
      I have a special interest in chronic migraines treatment and mental health.
      I love sports and being outdoors in all seasons.

  • Dr. Linda Liu MD CCFP

    • 2nd Owl Pod Doctor ​

    • Joined September 2019

    • Dr. Linda Liu completed medical school and Family Medicine residency at the University of Calgary. Her approach to mental health is goal-oriented and individualized for what each patient is looking for, whether that is supportive listening, talking through different ideas, assisting with accountability, or working on CBT or DBT skills. Her hobbies include traveling, hiking, and craft beer. 

  • Dr. Agata Nowinka MD CCFP

    • 3rd Owl Pod Doctor ​

    • Joined September 2019

    • Dr. Nowinka graduated Medicine in 2010 from the University of Alberta. She completed her Family Medicine residency in Calgary in 2012. She loves the mountains, dogs, and puzzles.

  • Dr. Chloe MacLean MD CCFP

    • 4th Owl Pod Doctor ​

    • Joined November 2019

    • Hey everyone! I am a Family Doctor with a special interest in sexual health, Indigenous health, elderly care, and of course, mental health! I am from Calgary but have lived in a few places throughout Canada and in Australia too. I love all things animal, sport, and outdoor. I especially love hanging out in hammocks and finding waterfalls! I love all types of food, music, and mostly love mindless rom-coms (yes it’s true).

      I am really excited you are looking after your mental health at Owl Pod. It can be really hard to explore this part of yourself, so thank-you for having the courage to take this step. We are going to help you along the way!

  • Dr. Nargis Karamdad MD CCFP

    • 5th Owl Pod Doctor ​

    • Joined January 2020

  • Dr. Jade Goliath MD CCFP

    • 6th Owl Pod Doctor ​

    • Joined March 2020

    • Dr Goliath completed her family medicine residency in Regina, SK and now practices in Calgary. She has a special interest in mental health and transgender care, in addition to her family practice. She is also involved in teaching at the University of Calgary Cumming School of Medicine and the Family Medicine Department. 

  • Dr. Wen Nie MD CCFP

    • 7th Owl Pod Doctor ​

    • Joined April 2020

    • Dr. Nie is a family doctor in the Calgary area. She did her medical school in SK, Family med residency in BC, and has spent majority of her career with the military as a medical officer. Her philosophy of care is direct, goals orientated, and accountability driven.

      She enjoys mountains, scuba diving, and travelling in her spare time. Her dream is to get a black lab named

  • Dr. Lisa Ma MD CCFP

    • 8th Owl Pod Doctor ​

    • Joined April 2020

    • Dr. Lisa Ma obtained her undergraduate degree in the neuropsychology and physiology of eating behaviours at UBC and subsequently completed her medical degree there before moving to Calgary for family medicine residency. She is board certified in Obesity Medicine and practices as a family physician with special interests in mental health and weight management. The most fulfilling part of her practice is connecting with people and supporting them through health and wellness.

      From a therapeutic perspective, Dr, Ma's mental health practice is influenced by psychodynamic, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) as well as strengths-based and mindfulness approaches. 


  • Dr. Robyn Grobler MD CCFP

    • 9th Owl Pod Doctor ​

    • Joined April 2020

    • Dr. Grobler is a Family Doctor from South Africa where she did her training in beautiful Cape Town. She moved to Calgary in 2016. She loves her dogs and being outdoors. 

  • Dr. Nathalie DeBruin MD CCFP

    • 10th Owl Pod Doctor ​

    • Joined April 2020

    • I have been a family doctor for 20 years with a special interest in mental health, womens

    • health, pediatrics and obesity treatment.
      Originally, I am from the Netherlands where I was trained and practised for 10 years. In 2008 I
      emigrated to Canada with my husband and 2 daughters. We love the outdoors. Exploring the
      beautiful mountains while hiking with my family and 3 dogs, riding my horse, skiing downhill or
      Xcountry or exploring the ocean and/or lakes with my kayak. We live in such an amazing place.
      I feel comfortable working either in English or in Dutch and look forward to helping you cope
      with what life challenges you with.

  • Dr. Michelle Cunningham MD CCFP

    • 11th Owl Pod Doctor ​

    • Joined April 2020

  • Dr. Aasim Malik MD CCFP

    • 12th Owl Pod Doctor ​

    • Joined May 2020

  • Dr. Susan Biali MD BSc (Dietetics)

    • 13th Owl Pod Doctor ​

    • Joined May 2020

    • Dr. Susan Biali, M.D. has worked in general practice for two decades, with a longstanding interest in a whole-person approach to mental health care and therapeutic modalities such as cognitive behavioral therapy. Dr. Susan is also known for her work outside of clinical medicine as a speaker, coach, blogger and author. Her passion is helping people to improve their mental health, reduce stress, and live with increased wellness and resilience

  • Dr. Jocelyn Beckstad MD CCFP

    • 14th Owl Pod Doctor ​

    • Joined July 2020

  • Dr. Andrew Jun MD CCFP

    • 15th Owl Pod Doctor ​

    • Joined July 2020

  • Dr. Ben Zalkind MD CCFP 

    • 16th Owl Pod Doctor ​

    • Joined July  2020

  • Ms. Linda Hoogstraat BSN RN MN


    • 1st Owl Pod Staff Member

    • Started May 2019

    • Hi Everyone, I am a true Calgarian. I have been a registered nurse for 16 years. My passion is helping others. I am the one who you will have initial contact with for OWL POD Mental Health Clinics. I enjoy  getting to know each and everyone of you whether it is via phone, text or emails and learning from you. You all carry amazing stories - both good and bad, and by sharing them, you are not only becoming stronger and growing yourself, but you help others like me see your potential and grow as well. I love being outdoors, doing crafts, traveling, and most of all - being with my kids

  • Mrs. Pat Keppler Accountant  

    • Executive Director of Finance - Volunteer ​

  • Dr. Norry Kaler BSc, MSc, MD, CCFP 

    • Founder Owl Pod Foundation​

    • 2017 Owl Pod Mental Health and Obesity Clinics

    • Dreamer, Dad, Dedicated, Devoted, Disciplined.

    • TRUST and JUSTICE are my fabric.

    • I have two girls 10 and 7.  I spend most of my year travelling the world coaching tennis to my girls and homeschooling them.  I dream of helping them to achieve their dreams of going “PRO”.  These girls meet all my values - they train 6-8 hours everyday without complaining. They are my true inspiration. Everything I hope and wish for revolves around these two.

    • I believe in fairness for those that work and grind to make the world a better place.  I believe that there are millions of people that are unseen and dedicated to helping our planet being a better place.  I want to work for these people. I want to serve these individuals. 

    • Is this you? Are you dedicated? Are you motivated? Do you feel that you want to make a change to your world? Do you have the work ethic to practice what you preach? If you do - I’m at your service.   

    • Yes, I have degrees, initials, BSc, MSc, MD, CCFP - but those mean nothing to me compared to the experiences of suffering I have gone through.  This suffering has made me stronger, passionate and dedicated to the people and our planet. 

    • Always at your service - Dr. K

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