Mental Health and Obesity Telemedicine


  • Built for Doctors By Doctors

  • Monthly Staff Hangouts

  • LOW OVERHEAD- 80-20% splits 

  • Social Groups

  • PBL Learning groups

  • Quarterly Retreats

  • 18 amazing Doctor friends 

  • 100% virtual - Work from home

  • 100% Flexible  - work when you want!

Offering Positions for Medical Doctors

  • Part-Time/ Full-Time 

  • Family Medicine Trained

  • Anxiety, Depression, Loneliness, Stress, Grief

  • Obesity management

  • Require Valid CPSA, CMPA, PRACID

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Looking for work?
We are currently recruiting ONLY Medical Doctors with a valid  license in Canada.  We require a valid CMPA, CPSA, and PRACID for applying for a job with Owl Pod.  Volunteers please contact us and let us know your availability and what you would like to be involved in. 

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