OWL POD is a Not-For-Profit - organization that believes in building powerful people through sharing stories. Sharing stories re-connects us and gives us the feeling of belonging to something greater. When people feel they belong they become empowered. Empowered people can transform the planet. 


The founder of OWL POD Dr. Kaler MD, believes it's not too late to save the planet - that when "humans come together and connect, they create magic".   


The OWL POD Goals are to change 5 key areas:


Our goal is to create new education system for the world starting with 2 pilot schools that will only teach relevant information to our children. Children will learn anatomy and nutrition to understand the most important device they own - their body.  Children should be outside 2-3 hours a day during school hours to gain the health benefits of being immersed in nature. Learning about finance, investment, and creativity are also key concepts in the OWL POD curriculum. 


We will develop a method to reduce the cost of healthy food by offsetting the cost of high sugar and highly processed foods. We are bridging the gap between alternate health professions to combine the benefits of various forms of healing.  OWL POD will develop health centres that support overall well-being where mind, body, and spirit are integrated into healing. 


We have more stress, loneliness, anxiety, depression, heart disease, and cancer than in the past. One possible reason could be because we are disconnected and are not able to benefit from sharing stories and empowering one another. Our fragmentation has broken the fabric of trust and sense of belonging that we so deeply need and crave as humans. OWL POD will develop community venues to connect people from our online community so they can meet in real life.   



Reducing waste is a key initiative at OWL POD. We hope to improve environmental impacts with simple solutions. Some solutions are: decreasing non-reusable containers such as paper cups and sleeves at coffee shops across the globe, limiting plastic production, and reducing medication pollution of water. 


OWL POD believes that the future is founded in women and children. OWL POD is an advocate of helping women enter into leadership roles. We want to give women the chance to restructure the way we do business, raise families, and transform our planet.   We must leave our planet in a better place for our children through effective education, stronger communities, mindful healthcare, and a cleaner environment. 



Get involved by emailing us at info@owlpod.ca

Your support matters, your story matters, you matter. 



The OWL POD Team





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