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For Albertans, Anywhere, at Anytime.


How It Works

Mental Health and Obesity Telemedicine Clinics

Covered by Alberta Health Services
  • No cost to Albertan's anywhere in the province
Online/ Virtual Appointments
  • Available 7 days a week
38 Family Medicine Doctors & 2 Psychiatrists​
  • Specializing in Obesity Management
  • Specializing in Psychotherapy
Motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral and feelings based therapy provided for:

Meet Our Doctors

Certified. Responsive. Compassionate.

38 doctors and 2 psychiatrists
committed to meeting 
your needs

Aasim Malik, M.D.
Agata Nowak, M.D.
Amna Khatoon, M.D.
Anne Kittler, M.D.
Belle Su, M.D.
Ben Zalkind, M.D.
Brendan Miles, M.D.
Chloe MacLean, M.D.
Deon Botha, M.D.
Eric Gulliver, M.D.
Erin Gore-Hickman, M.D.
Iris Green-Starr, M.D.
Darmyn Ritchie, M.D.
Hyun Ju Sung, M.D.
Inguun Benediktsson, M.D.
Jocelyn Beckstead, M.D.
Joshua Hwang, M.D.
Joyce Lui, M.D.
Kalpit Agnithori, M.D.
Karen Choi, M.D.
Linda Liu, M.D.
Michelle Crook, M.D.
Nargis Karamdad, M.D.
Norry Kaler, M.D.
Paul Bryan, M.D.
Rachel Kiflemariam, M.D.
Robert Caratun, M.D.
Ryan Hoeve, M.D.
Sameena Sherman, M.D.
Seema Bhanji, M.D.
Seema Goel, M.D.
Sharona Supernault, M.D.
Skye Sharkey, M.D.
Stephen Starr, M.D.
Venessa Shaneman, M.D.
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Patient Stories

"Finding care for my mental health has felt like an impossible task. My doctor (Jenna) and I hit it off immediately and my health (physical AND mental) has never been better."

Jackie, 27